‘Big Brother Germany’ contestants have no idea about coronavirus but they are going to find out live on TV

Coronavirus is affecting many aspects of our lives, some are less important than others. Many movies and series sets are on hold due to Coronavirus. Many shows, movie releases, concerts are postponed. Reality shows are no different. One of many popular reality shows, Love Island Summer edition has been canceled because of coronavirus.

The ones that are planned to be published in the future are being canceled, what about currently ongoing shows? Many reality shows have policies that prevent contestants using cell phones, tv and severe their link with the real world: kind of an involuntary quarantine. Are the producers of the shows inclined to tell the contestants about the situation?

The Big Brother Canada cast was recently told by the producers about the pandemic. Another very popular TV reality show, Survivor Turkey still did not make aware their contestants of the virus and producers did not comment on whether they are going to tell the contestants soon or not. The contestants are currently in the Dominican Republic without any knowledge of the virus and the situation. There are already 21 cases and 1 death in the country so far.

The contestants of Big Brother Germany’s season 13th has no idea what’s going on outside the apartment since February 6. New additions to the cast, 4 other contestants came into the apartment before March 6th, days before things got serious in Germany. There are currently over 7.600 cases in Germany with 20 people dead.

The producers of the show explained to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung that they have a strict policy of keeping the news from the contestants unless there is a death in the immediate family. Yet, they decided to inform the contestants of the pandemic in a special live episode on Tuesday and let them ask questions about the situation and receive video messages from their relatives to relieve them, due to the backlash on social media by the viewers.

On Twitter, many viewers are discussing whether is it ethical to not tell the contestants right away or not and how they are excited and planning to watch during their quarantine because this episode is going to be worth watching.