Chinese experimental coronavirus vaccine safe in first stage trials

A Chinese experimental vaccine against COVID-19 developed by the Institute of Medical Biology under the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences shows safe in a first-stage clinical trial. In Stage 1 of the clinical trial in 191 healthy participants between the ages of 18 and 59, vaccination with the institute’s experimental vaccine showed no serious side effects, the researchers said in their pre-publication.

The most common side effects reported by participants in the trial of this Chinese vaccine were mild pain, slight fatigue and redness, itching and swelling at the site of the vaccine. The candidate vaccine elicited an immune response.

All the evidence from this trial suggests that this inactivated vaccine is safe and elicits an immune response and is encouraging in further studies of its effectiveness in the future,” the researchers said in their report.

China has vaccinated hundreds of thousands of workers in key sectors, as well as people in high-risk groups, with other experimental coronavirus vaccines, although their clinical trials have not yet been completed, raising concerns among experts about their safety. China has at least four experimental vaccines in the final stages of clinical trials.

Instagram will automatically hide offensive comments

Instagram will automatically begin to hide offensive comments as part of its ongoing effort to tackle cyberbullying.

According to CNN, the company said that the comments that will be hidden will be similar to those that users have reported in the past.

The announcement for the pilot application of the service was made today (6/10), on the day of the birthday of Instagram, which closes ten years of operation.

Instagram said it uses artificial intelligence systems to detect comments of intimidation or harassment. Users, however, will still be able to click “show hidden comments” to see specific comments.

The users with restrict button can restrict another person so that their comments are not visible

In fact, last year Instagram added the “Restrict” tool, through which the user can restrict another person so that their comments are not visible to other users.

Various other tools are available to users, such as informing that a comment may be considered offensive before it is published.

People on Instagram say that these actions have improved the situation, while Twitter has conducted similar tests for comments.

Robot dogs will protect from now on US airport bases


Tests with robotic dogs, which will protect military installations, have begun by the US Air Force.

According to, the Vision 60 were developed by Ghost Robotics and belong to the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) category. They can be used for monitoring, reconnaissance, mapping, communications and security. The company describes them as “non-stop”.

In addition to stability on any terrain and their operation in virtually any environment, one design principle of our four-legged robots is the reduced mechanical complexity compared to other robots with legs or even traditional UGVs with wheels and tracks. By reducing complexity, we increase the durability, agility and reliability and reduce the development and maintenance costs of terrestrial robots.

Early tests are highly positive, as robots detect threats before soldiers are in danger.

People around the world 3D-printing masks for healthcare professionals and staff

Image: 3Dverkstan

Many people around the world have come together to produce protective medical tools for healthcare professionals and staff on the frontline of COVID-19. An initiative by Jenny Sabin of Cornell University has reached architecture studios, factories, and homes across the world in a very short time. People who don’t know how to help joined the effort and started to print their own masks at their homes. The network, which includes firms that own 3D printers, engineers, designers and software developers, came together on social media to ensure the production of medical parts, tools, and equipment by using the power of 3D printers at home or workplaces, soon coordinated and started production.

Image: 3Dverkstan

After the drawing of the medical equipment was made, the prototype was produced and shared with the people joining the network on social media, the volunteers started to produce protective face shields/masks for the healthcare workers with 3D printers from their homes and companies. Designers, engineers and many more based their products on the open-source design from the Swedish 3D printing firm, 3Dverkstan. The shields can be printed in less than 20 minutes and are made of only two elements: a 3D printed frame and a semi-rigid plastic sheet that can be easily placed on.

While 3D printer owners can join the network through the website, healthcare professionals, hospitals and healthcare organizations can also submit medical parts requests. Sponsors who want to provide rubber, PETG transparent protective plate, and filament support can also be included in the supply network. As manufacturers cannot meet the increasing demand for the mask, this effort and collaboration of people will help immensely to healthcare professionals and staff.

If you want to join this effort, you can find free-to-use files and instructions available here.

You don’t have to sing “Happy Birthday” twice anymore: New handwashing infographics generator

The Coronavirus (COVID-19), which first appeared in Wuhan, China in December 2019, spread to the whole world in a few months. As of now (13 March 2019), 145,337 Coronavirus cases have occurred and 5,416 people have died. Unfortunately, each day the number of cases and death is increasing. There is no known cure for it and the world is in panic and chaos.

The main measures proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) against coronavirus (COVID-19) are: washing hands frequently, maintaining the distance between other people, keeping the airway clean by sneezing our elbow, and finally not touching the eyes, nose, and mouth. Paying attention to these measures and turning them into a habit will both increase our individual health and cleanliness and ensure that all are protected against COVID-19.

Infographics and educational videos showing how to wash hands in detail started to surf on the internet. Professionals stated that the hands should be washed in detail for more than 20 seconds. To make it easy to keep in mind, 20 seconds were often explained as “the amount of time passing by singing Happy Birthday twice.”

You may be sick of singing Happy Birthday twice: Wash Your Lyrics generator offers a solution. The Wash Your Lyrics website is an online infographic preparation tool that if you put in the name of the song and the artist you want to match, the website generates an infographic for you by matching desired lyrics to hand washing steps.

Developed by 17-year-old British software developer and designer William Gibson, the generator works on the principle of finding lyrics and placing them on the visual. It soon became a meme and was shared by many famous artists with its own lyrics and used as a tool to remind hand washing. According to William, 348,471(+) posters were created so far.

You can reach the site via this link and sync your favorite songs with a 20-second hand wash ritual: Wash Your Lyrics

The freight train connecting Las Vegas and Southern California

lighted subway

A plan to link Las Vegas to southern California with a fully electric train was revealed by Virgin Trains USA. The 290 km/h train will connect Las Vegas with Victorville, which is an hour and a half drive from Los Angeles.

Transfer time to and from Las Vegas will be 90 minutes, and is said to be less expensive than using an airplane or car.

If approved, the new rail line will be constructed alongside Interstate 15, which crosses much of California and a road running east to west in the State of Nevada.

Work is expected to begin this year and be completed by 2023. The east end of the line will be 1.6 km from the Las Vegas Strip with numerous casinos and hotels.

The construction of two stations is also planned. The project will be largely implemented on the basis of Brightline’s 112 km-long system – until the middle of the year, Virgin Trains USA operates under the brand name – connecting Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. The Florida State-run electric-diesel train, also known as Brightline, was completed in January 2018.

Gravitational waves from neutron star collision were probably detected for the second time

blue and red galaxy artwork

Another important finding in the science of astrophysics. For the second time, gravitational waves have been detected on Earth, that were most likely  from a distant unusual catastrophic event, a two-star neutron collision.

The announcement was made by the US-Europe international research consortium of LIGO and VIRGO observatories.

The first detection of a similar origin for gravitational waves was in August 2017, in a galaxy 130 million light-years away from our planet. The second detection, over 500 million light-years away, was done only by the LIGO detector in Louisiana, as the second in Washington was temporarily disabled while the European in Pisa, Italy, was not sensitive enough to “catch” the light. signals.

Usually, the international network uses all three of its observatories to confirm a discovery, but this time it did not.

Most of the gravitational waves detected to date (beginning in 2015) are probably from colliding black holes rather than neutron stars. The latter are very dense remnants of devastated giant stars about the size of a city, which swirl swiftly and may sometimes merge with a similar neighboring star, which sends gravitational waves into space.

Scientists calculated that the total mass of the merging second pair of neutron stars was 3.4 times larger than our Sun. Up to now, pairs of neutron stars with a combined mass of up to 2.9 times larger than the Sun have been discovered in our galaxy.

This is clearly heavier than any other pair of neutron stars that has ever been observed,” said Katerina Hadjiioannou, a Greek astronomer and a researcher with the Center for Computational Astrophysics at the New York Flatiron Institute’s Interferometer-Laser Observer at the American Astronomical Society’s annual convention in Honolulu, Hawaii. A related publication will follow in the astrophysical journal “The Astrophysical Journal Letters”, as quoted by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

She did not completely rule out the possibility of gravitational waves not coming from neutron stars, but from merging between two “light-weight” black holes (the smallest they would have ever found) or between a black hole and a neutron star. . As Hadjiioannou said, after the merging of the two star neutrons, they collided gravitationally, creating a black hole.

In any case, gravitational waves are increasingly paving the way for a new multimessenger astronomy, in which scientists have a variety of sources of information about the same phenomenon. Another relevant detector will soon be operational in Japan.

Imprisonment for scientist who created the first genetically modified human infants

baby in white onesie

The Chinese researcher, who sparked a global scandal last year when he announced that the first genetically modified human infants had come to the world, was sentenced to serve three years in prison, the Chinese state news agency reported.

He was also sentenced to pay a fine of 3 million yuan (about 384,000 euros), according to the same source.

Ho Jianqui announced in November 2018 that he was able to bring into this wolrd twin girls with modified DNA that made them AIDS-safe (their father was a carrier of HIV). The Chinese authorities, then accused him of being too loose with this kind of scientific activity, ordered that any such investigation must be terminated immediately and announced that a police investigation would be launched.

He was sentenced today by a court in Shenzhen, the metropolitan area of ​​southern China, where he conducted his investigation for “illegally modifying embryos for reproduction,” New China agency said.

The agency noted that three genetically modified babies were born based on the scientist’s research.

The Chinese authorities had confirmed in January 2019 that a second woman was giving birth to another genetically modified fetus in addition to the twins, but the birth of the baby has not been confirmed until now.

He, a former assistant professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology, as well as two other scientists, were convicted of unlawful medical practices and violating the rules and ethics of the Chinese scientific community, the New China agency said.

Avangard, Russia’s “absolute weapon” that is “practically invisible”

sea flight sky earth

Avangard’s first supersonic missiles, one of the new weapons deployed by Moscow and, according to President Vladimir Putin, are “practically invisible“, announced today that Russia is on operational alert.

This system is part of a new generation of rockets capable of, according to Moscow, hitting a target almost anywhere in the world and penetrating any existing missile shield, such as the system developed by the United States in Europe.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed President Putin that at 10:00 Moscow time  the first constitution equipped with the new Avangard strategic supersonic systems was put into operational readiness,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, according to Russian news agencies.

Shoigu congratulated the Russian military, saying the missile deployment was “a fantastic event for the country and for the armed forces”, as reported by TASS and the French Agency.

In December 2018, the Russian military had announced that the first Avangard missile regiment would be deployed in the Orenburg region, in the Urals.

The Avangard can develop a speed of 27 Mach (max 27), that is 27 times the speed of sound, meaning 33,000 km / h. It can change course and height, making it “practically invisible“, according to the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin had compared the Avangard missiles, which were successfully tested in December 2018 with a 4,000 km range “with the creation of the first artificial satellite on Earth”, a reference to Sputnik launched in 1957 and symbolizing its technological pioneer against the United States in the midst of the Cold War.

“It’s an intercontinental non-ballistic missile system. It is the ultimate weapon,” the Russian president had said with apparent satisfaction in June 2018. “I don’t think only one country will have such a weapon in the years to come. We already have it,” he added, as relations with the West are at their lowest point.

Another weapon that has also been described as “invisible” by Putin, the fifth-generation intercontinental Sarmat ballistic missile, is expected to be delivered to the Russian Armed Forces in 2020. Sarmat has “no practical limits on range” and will be “Capable of firing at targets crossing the North as well as the South Pole”.

Millions of Facebook users have seen their information exposed on the Internet

access app application apps

It looks like information from millions of Facebook users have emerged in the forum.

According to Comparitech’s report, user IDs, names and phone numbers of 267 million Facebook users leaked into hacker forums as a list that anyone could download.

access application browser connection

We are looking into the matter, but we believe this is information gained before changes have been made in recent years to better protect the world’s information,” said a Facebook spokesman.

Specifically, the survey reports the database was registered on December 4, the hacker forum was posted on December 12, Comparitech researchers found it on December 14 and sent a report to the provider handling the server’s IP address, while the database was withdrawn on December 19.

This is not the first time this year that user data has been exposed by Facebook on the internet. As of September, 419 million files were leaked, and errors from partner companies exposed 540 million user files during the year.