Are you a traveler or tourist?

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Traveler or tourist? Some may think they are the same, but the differences are great! Because according to Newton, a traveler on the go is always on the go, and a tourist visits a place just to ‘erase’ it from his list of options.

We have found the 20 reasons that will rank you at the traveler level. How many of them do you see yourself in?

1. You dream of your next trip every moment of the day, even on the road to work.

2. You like to travel alone.

3. You love travel so much that you are a professional traveler.

4. You may feel nostalgic for home when traveling far away, but under no circumstances would you choose to dine at the nearest international fast-food chain restaurant.

5. You know that all money is not like your home country, so you would never refer to a foreign currency as “virtual money”.

6. You are not planning trips based on rest and fun. After all, what is an adventure without a trip?

7. You find maps hidden everywhere, in your wallet, in your drawer, even among your clothes.

8. The cover photo on your facebook page shows your latest travel destination.

9. You have a special application on your mobile that shows you the time and time of many cities in the world.

10. You know how to say hello, goodbye and thank you in many languages.

11. Refer to international airports with their code name.

12. Passport is your favorite accessory.

13. The photos of your friends on Instagram, depicting beaches, do not fit your concept of escape.

14. Monthly expenses include an amount for your next trip.

15. The goals for each new year include the destinations you want to visit.

16. Your friends advise you when making a suitcase.

17. When not choosing a trip, depending on whether you have been back.

18. Do you know how to save time on luggage check at the airport?

19. You are spontaneous.

20. Enjoy every moment of the journey and look for the hidden secrets of each destination.

Traveler or tourist? Some may think they are the same, but the differences are great!

The historic La Margna at Grace Hotels


The luxury hotel group of Grace Hotels has acquired the historic La Margna Hotel in the heart of St. Moritz, Switzerland.

During 2014, the company will implement an extensive refurbishment and conversion program to create Grace St. Moritz and St. Moritz Residences, a luxury hotel and residential complex, providing services that will be built to the highest standards of luxury, making Grace Hotels world-class.

La Margna Hotel Built in 1906, La Margna Hotel is one of the landmark hotels of St. Moritz, which remains one of the most glamorous summer and winter destinations in the world and has been regarded as a reference point for winter sports since its creation in the late 19th century.

St. Moritz has twice hosted the Winter Olympics and is home to Cresta Run, the renowned toboggan sleigh track. The hotel is south-facing with panoramic views of the lake and the resort’s valley and is just minutes from the luxurious shops and restaurants that make the city a meeting point for the international jet set.


Upon completion of the renovations, the hotel will have 36 rooms and suites, as well as serviced apartments with lake views. It will have three restaurants – with the main restaurant offering a brand new, international, refined dining experience. The classic Swiss restaurant will specialize in local cuisine, while the third restaurant will offer meals throughout the day. A drink and cigar bar will complement guests’ gastronomic experience. The hotel has private parking and is just a two-minute walk from the train and bus station.

The Grace St. SPA Moritz will be completely redesigned to create a luxurious “haven” for healing, wellness and relaxation. The plans include a new gym and a pool with breathtaking architectural features. The ski facilities will be upgraded to the highest standards, with the construction of a fully modernized and equipped ski lounge.

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Commenting on the addition of Grace St. Moritz in the group portfolio, Grace Hotels CEO Philippe Requin said: “It is a flagship hotel in one of the world’s most iconic resorts and a valuable addition to the Grace family. The Engadine Valley is an area of ​​great natural beauty, while St. Moritz remains one of Europe’s most unique destinations. Following on from its glorious history, we are proud to take over the La Margna Hotel in the next chapter of its evolution. “

St. Moritz is often regarded as the place where winter tourism was born, and established as an Alps resort in 1864. It is a premier winter sports destination with a 350km track. It is also one of the highest resorts in Switzerland, at 1,800 meters. In addition to skiing, St. Moritz offers many sports and leisure options throughout the year, including hiking, snowmobiling and snowboarding, paragliding, cycling, golf, roller skates, windsurfing, tennis and sailing. Numerous artistic and cultural events take place in the village and surrounding area, and there are world-class shops and restaurants.

The village of flowers


The secluded village of Zalipie in south-eastern Poland is known for a colorful tradition.

For over a century, women in the village have been painting their homes.

No one knows exactly when or how this tradition began, but it dates back several years, when women painted the markings on lime.

But these were still visible, and in order to make their homes “at the heart” of religious celebrations, they began to paint motifs with flowers.


To this day women (very few men in the custom) create their own floral patterns on the walls of houses and maintain those of previous years. Indeed, the paintings are no longer confined to the walls of houses, but to any other object they can paint.

When the tradition started, of course, women did not have the tools one can find today. They used brushes made with hair from the cows’ tails and colors made by themselves from natural materials. The contest of the “best painted house” (Malowana Chata) has been holding since 1948. It was established in the context of the psychological support of the people of the country after World War II, which lost 17% of its population.

Felicja Curyłowa (1904 – 1974) was the one who maintained and developed the tradition. She herself was overwhelmed by such a passion for “flower decorations” that she covered almost every surface of her small home, which is now a museum and a prime example of this folk art.


An authentic haven in remote Patagonia


Designed in Patagonia’s original style, the Awasi Hotel is the new haven in the remote Chilean region.

It consists of 12 traditional Patagonia-style houses, all built with local lenga wood, designed by Chilean architect Felipe Assadi.

Wooden planks adorn the floor, the fortunes and the ceilings and mimic the virgin forest surrounding it.

The blue armchairs and woolen interior warm the atmosphere, while the huge windows overlook the view. Lake Sarmiento and the Torres del Paine Mountains offer unique images. All interiors, such as the living room, the bar and the dining room, the houses are designed with an emphasis on discretion, to match their natural surroundings.

A stroll to Torres del Paine National Park, just 20 minutes away, guests can admire foxes, condors and puma.


Eternal flame inside a waterfall

eternal flame

One of the strangest and most striking natural phenomena you will have the opportunity to watch at Chestnut Ridge Park in New York.

Inside a waterfall a small flame melts, never extinguishing. This unique phenomenon is due to the natural gas in the slate layers above which the waterfall was created.

Most of the gas dissolves in the air, but there is always enough left inside the rock keeping the flame always on. The flame reaches 2 to 8 cm and is particularly impressive during winter, when the snow covers everything except of course.

eternal flame 2
eternal flame
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eternal flame

Space X promises to travel everywhere on planet Earth in less than an hour

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Space X CEO Elon Musk recently unveiled his revolutionary plans to drastically reduce ground travel time at an aeronautics conference.

Alongside plans for trips to Mars and the Moon, Musk plans to use the same innovative rocket to transport people to destinations on Earth, telling us that any distance can be covered in less than an hour.


In fact, most trips will take half or even less time!

SpaceX’s “super-rocket” will transport a passenger spaceship to orbit the Earth, thereby completely reducing the time required for flying.

The boat will then return to Earth’s atmosphere and land at its own facilities at the destination. Despite the fact that both the rocket and the boat are still in theory, Musk has revealed that they will begin production in 6-9 months.

flight sky earth space

From New York to Shanghai it will take no more than 39 minutes, being the fastest trip a man has ever seen. The floating platforms are also the same way Space X’s Falcon 5 rocket works, so they have the know-how to deliver on what they promise.

Elon’s promised trips include Hong Kong-Singapore in 22 minutes, London-Dubai (or New York) in 29 minutes, and Los Angeles-Toronto in just 24 minutes, though many obstacles still need to be overcome.

Because despite Musk’s promise to use the Falcon 5’s 16 successful landings, all of them were unmanned flights. Landing a rocket with 200 human souls is clearly something completely different.

low angle photography of rocket

The best open air food markets in the world

anise aroma art bazaar

There is no better way to discover the local cuisine and culture of every country’s cuisine than the outdoor food markets.

Andrew Zimmern, an American television star, chef, author and subject expert, presents us his favorite food markets around the world. As he characteristically states: “Through my travels I have found that there is no better way to feel the pulse of a city or to understand the local culture than to visit a food market.

Marrakech, Morocco – Djemaa el Fna


Next to Marrakech’s historic Medina, this bustling central square is always at the top of the list for travelers. It is a vibrant cultural spectacle for thousands of years, with snake charms, acrobats, Berber musicians, herbalists and beggars. There are many restaurants in the area, but it is a good idea to enjoy your meal in the center of the action. Follow mechoui sellers with your nose.

This roast lamb is eaten by hand, served with cumin and salt and will be served on a large napkin. Combined with a glass of mint tea, it is an all-time classic meal. Getting lost in Djemaa is half the fun. Navigate to its furthest points and try to find where you started. Good luck!

Montreal – Marché Atwater

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In the 1930s, this art deco market was built as a government plan to stimulate the economy and today houses dozens of suppliers of products, delicatessen, cheese dealers, boulangeries, florists and high quality chocolates. With kiosks and benches inside the two-storey building and outside, it is the perfect walk to fill your afternoon. Don’t miss the Fromagerie Atwater. These guys know their job well and sell more than 750 different kinds of cheese. There are still plenty of options for lunch, such as Satay Brothers steamed pork buns, as well as savory and sweet crepes from Creperie du Marché.

Palawan, Philippines – Puerto Princesa Market

assorted fruits stall

With crystal clear waters, fresh produce and an incredibly wide variety of seafood, this picturesque island in the southern part of the Philippine archipelago is a magical place. The Puerto Princesa market is the starting point for tourists looking for something different. First stop, the public market. Mountains of tropical fruits and fresh seafood have their honor, but bananas are the ones stealing the show. The Midget bananas are wrapped in thick sugar and then caramelized in hot oil. It’s like a tropical version of caramelized apple.

Chengdu, China – Outdoor Market in Qingyang District


Chengdu is one of the most famous food cities on the planet. In 2010, the capital of Sichuan was named by UNESCO “City of Gastronomy”, one of the few corresponding cities in the world, based on the relationship between nutrition and culture. The abundance of its outdoor markets is truly impressive. Head to Qingyang District, where you will find fish, pork and offal stands, frog buckets, vegetable pickle and tofu. You will also find spicy pasta, crispy pancakes and charcoal rabbit. This food is so hot and spicy that it will burn your throat, leaving a wonderful taste in your mouth.

Seoul – Noryangjin Fish Market

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The Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul is definitely worth a visit, both because of its size and variety. Imagine benches with skates, mussels, seafood, tuna and everything else you can think of. It is the largest and oldest market in Seoul, with more than 700 private seafood stands. As you walk down the aisles, grab a snack of spicy codfish. You will find dozens of varieties of this addictive snack all over the market. Buy fish, the fisherman will cook it for you and then go to one of the nearby restaurants where they will cook it for you. It’s a dream come true.

St. Petersburg – Kuznechny Market

garage sale

Just next to the metro station in the heart of the city, Market Market houses a real Amalthea horn with Russian food and souvenirs. Inside the large, vaulted building, you’ll find places dedicated to Russian pillars: caviar, smoked fish, traditional butchers, cheeses and pyramids of fresh produce. There are plenty of weird deals on offer, as a trip to St. Petersburg would not be complete without tasting a heart of bulls or dried herring with its intact sack of eggs. Honey suppliers compete to get your attention by offering you fresh honey that is truly worth a try.

Oaxaca, Mexico – Mercado de Abastos

oaxaca mexico.jpg

You could spend a whole day at Oaxaca’s four-acre central market. You may still need to buy an extra suitcase to carry the tempting handmade crafts, and their food will not go back. The smell of the market alone is intoxicating, a blend of fresh coriander, sugar cane and chili. After a day out in the city, you’ll be ready to taste handmade tamales and tlayudas offered by older women who cook and sell in the narrow streets of the market.

Paris – Marché Bastille


It is the largest and best outdoor market in Paris. A stroll along these corridors ranks among the truly greatest pleasures in life. Large quantities of Brie, a huge assortment of goat cheese, sausages, fresh produce, buckets of salty olives and all kinds of meat you can imagine are enticing to the visitors. Open up your appetite with gourmet offerings and end up with roast chicken. Don’t miss out on bread traders, oysters, and wine gurus.

Ecuador – Otavalo Market


Nestled high in the Andes between two inert volcanoes in the Valle del Amanecer, Otavalo has been the crossroads of the pre-Inca trade route. Today, it is probably the most famous textile market in the country. This means you will find hordes of tourists looking for world-renowned wallpapers, but if you look better, you will find a picturesque town with a rich history and excellent culinary traditions.

Wake up at sunrise on Saturday morning and head to the Plaza de Ponchos, which houses a traditional farm market. Animals of all kinds are sold here and traded for a vast network of farms, slaughterhouses and wholesalers. Find one of the many cooks who serve motes, heavy bowls of steamed corn and roast pork.

Palermo – Mercato di Ballarò


This beautiful neighborhood market is known for its fresh fish, but another strong point is the meat, and in particular the fritole, which is fried cow offal cut into small pieces. Another particular preference is the spices, especially when sprinkled with salt and lemon juice. Although you will see many tourists strolling under the sea with umbrellas covering the benches, the locals are the ones flocking mainly to the market to taste tripe, gut soup, panelle (eggplant pancakes) with eggplant and Panini with spleen.

Cuba, Caribbean – Travel worth a visit

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Revolutionary and uniquely authentic, Cuba is the largest and most popular Caribbean island.

Start your acquaintance with your place of residence in the capital of Cuba, famous for producing Havana cigars. Surrounded by walls, old Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Beautiful colorful buildings, 50s American cars and Cuban music! In the Miramar district you will find new colonial-style houses, very green and wide streets. It is worth visiting the Revolution Square, known for its huge volume of meetings and the many speeches of Fidel Castro.

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Next stop is the province of Pinar del Rio, the predominantly tobacco-producing region of Cuba. Perhaps the most beautiful scenery you’ll come across is the Vignales Valley. The unique geological formations and the lush vegetation will impress you.

A visit to a cigar factory will solve all your questions about the region’s most popular export product.

The city of Siena Fuengos is another place to visit. It was founded by French sugarcane growers and due to the formation of the bay in which it is located has become a haven for Caribbean explorers.

Beautiful Trinidad is perhaps the most authentic city in Cuba and, along with the beautiful sugar cane valley, the Unesco World Heritage Site. Its picturesque square and the bell tower of St. Francis of Assisi are among the most photographed places in the city.

Varadero is the region’s most developed and tourist resort. It is a unique place for rest and relaxation, as it generously offers the beauties of turquoise sea, fine white sand and sun.

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Himalayas, Asia – A trip worth a visit

photo of mountains surrounded by pine trees

The highest mountain range on Earth is in Asia and comprises a massive mountain range, mainly the Himalayas, Karakorum, the Indochuk Range and many smaller mountain ranges.

The name Himalayas comes from the Sanskrit word himālaya, meaning “home of snow”, from the word hima, meaning snow.

The vast Himalayas complex contains all of the Earth’s peaks (over 140) higher than 7,000 meters (above sea level) and, of course, the highest of all, the summit of Mount Everest, reaching 8,848 meters in height.

The range extends to six countries, the People’s Republic of China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan.

landscape photography of mountains covered in snow

At the same time, three of the largest river systems of the Earth, the Indus, the Ganges-Brahmaputra and the Yangtze originate from the Himalayas. About 750 million people live on this river system, partially dependent on the Himalayan snowmelt, in the six countries above and in Bangladesh.

The Himalayas belong to the newer mountain ranges of the planet and consist mainly of eroded sedimentary and transformed rocks. According to modern theory of tectonic plates, the formation of the Himalayas is the result of continental convergence or orogenesis along the convergence zone between the Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates.

The Himalayas range comprises a total of about 15,000 glaciers in which about 12,000 cubic kilometers of water are stored.

The highest regions of the Himalayas are snow-covered year-round, despite their proximity to tropical climates, and constitute the source area for several large rivers.

The Himalayan region also includes hundreds of lakes. Most are at altitudes less than 5,000 meters, and their size decreases with altitude.

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Places you have to visit in your lifetime, Acropolis


The Acropolis of Athens is a rocky hill, 156 meters above sea level and about 70 meters above the level of the city of Athens. Its peak is trapezoidal, 300 m long and 150 m wide. all sides except the west, where the strong entrance is, decorated with the bright Propylaea.

This monumental entrance to the Acropolis began to be built in 436 BC. after the completion of the Parthenon, on the plans of architect Mniskillis.

The central building of the Propylaea is unique in ancient Greek architecture. Six Doric columns adorn the facade. The columns are thinner as they move from base to top. On them was a pediment without decoration. The main space is divided into three aisles with two rows of Ionic columns (three on each side).

The Propylaea was never completed. In 431 the Peloponnesian War began and work stopped.


The Parthenon is one of the most famous monuments in the world. It is the largest and most formal Acropolis building and has garnered worldwide admiration for centuries now. Work on the erection of this stately temple of Athena began in 447 BC. under the direction of architects Iktinos and Kallikratis.

The temple was completed in 438 and was dedicated to the patron goddess during the Panathenaic of the following year. However, work continued until 432.

The main temple inside was divided into three parts. The middle of the three parts was the widest, and on this podium stood the famous Chrysanthemum statue of Virgo Athena, which Phidias had completed in 438 BC. in his place. The 92 metopes inside were embossed and featured various mythological themes: Giants, Amazons, Centaurs, and episodes of the fall of Troy.

According to mythology in Erechtheion, Athenians and Neptune quarreled over the city’s domination. But the Athenians, wanting to reconcile the two rival gods, dedicated them to a sanctuary under the same roof. Thus, the most peculiar of the Acropolis buildings was built in terms of architectural design. At this point, according to mythology, King Erechtheus, who later identified himself with Poseidon, had his home. That is why the temple was named after this mythological king of Athens. The temple was built between 425 and 406 BC. designed by architect Kallimachos and is one of the masterpieces of the Ionian style.

Inside the temple was divided into two parts. The east side of the facade was of Athena, the other of Neptune. But the most famous part of the Erechtheion is the “Protecting the Kores”, the famous Caryatids. It is a covered balcony, whose roof rests not on columns but on six statues of Korah fine art.