Oldest living man is 112 years old, had a balcony birthday

112 years old Bob Weighton, from the UK, is now officially acknowledged as the planet’s oldest man. Weighton inherited the title after prior record-holder Chitetsu Watanabe died earlier this year. The living facility where Weighton lives, arranged a balcony birthday event for him and the Guinness World Records team presented him with the record-marking certificate.

The current record for the oldest man ever is Japanese-born Jiroemon Kimura, who died at age 116 in 2013. The present record of the oldest living woman is held by Kane Tanaka, 117.

Bob was born on March 29th 1908, in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire and was one of seven children. Today, he has 3 children, 10 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.

When he was asked his secrets for living many years, Weighton advised setting realistic goals and expectations for life: “When you’re young, don’t think about being old,” he said. He also noted that he was never a person to want to climb Everest or sail around the world: “We should all just take the life as it comes along”.

‘Big Brother Germany’ contestants have no idea about coronavirus but they are going to find out live on TV

Coronavirus is affecting many aspects of our lives, some are less important than others. Many movies and series sets are on hold due to Coronavirus. Many shows, movie releases, concerts are postponed. Reality shows are no different. One of many popular reality shows, Love Island Summer edition has been canceled because of coronavirus.

The ones that are planned to be published in the future are being canceled, what about currently ongoing shows? Many reality shows have policies that prevent contestants using cell phones, tv and severe their link with the real world: kind of an involuntary quarantine. Are the producers of the shows inclined to tell the contestants about the situation?

The Big Brother Canada cast was recently told by the producers about the pandemic. Another very popular TV reality show, Survivor Turkey still did not make aware their contestants of the virus and producers did not comment on whether they are going to tell the contestants soon or not. The contestants are currently in the Dominican Republic without any knowledge of the virus and the situation. There are already 21 cases and 1 death in the country so far.

The contestants of Big Brother Germany’s season 13th has no idea what’s going on outside the apartment since February 6. New additions to the cast, 4 other contestants came into the apartment before March 6th, days before things got serious in Germany. There are currently over 7.600 cases in Germany with 20 people dead.

The producers of the show explained to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung that they have a strict policy of keeping the news from the contestants unless there is a death in the immediate family. Yet, they decided to inform the contestants of the pandemic in a special live episode on Tuesday and let them ask questions about the situation and receive video messages from their relatives to relieve them, due to the backlash on social media by the viewers.

On Twitter, many viewers are discussing whether is it ethical to not tell the contestants right away or not and how they are excited and planning to watch during their quarantine because this episode is going to be worth watching. 

Italy is ready to use cannabis in its food

person holding green canabis

The doors to the use of cultivated and curative cannabis in food have been opened in Italy, with the publication in the Government Gazette of the decree setting the restrictions on the incorporation of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) into food ingredients.

Italians will now know for sure if and how much cannabis will be contained in a range of nutritional products. Such are biscuits, salty taralos (traditional Apulia bread), bread, flour, oil, and a number of other products that have increased dramatically in recent years. In fact, many are using cannabis to make ricotta, tofu and organic beer.

This decree defines the limits of tetrahydrocannabinol in foodstuffs, as explained by the Coldiretti Confederation of Agricultural Products, “providing answers to hundreds of agribusinesses that have invested in this type of crop.”

As the Confederation itself points out, THC cropland in Italy has been enhanced ten fold in the last five years, from 400 hectares in 2013 to nearly 4,000 in 2018. “

The same source estimates that by 2040 the hectares used for cannabis cultivation will exceed 100,000, as the products containing it are known to have high purchasing growth, according to Italian media.

The decree of the Ministry of Health stipulates that the maximum content of THC and its treatments (flour, etc.) will be 2 mg per kg, while for cannabis oil 5 mg per kg.

The “dance plague” that struck a French city and killed dozens

houses made of sones along a narrow cobblestone street

It happened and we know it well. It was in 1518 when Strasbourg residents “danced to death” for reasons that remain unexplained.

One woman started it all and the rest followed. Within a month, over 400 people took part and dozens died from exhaustion, strokes and heart attacks.

It may have been over 500 years ago and various assumptions have been made about the ‘dance plague’,but still a comprehensive explanation that would have garnered historical consensus has never been proposed.

Discovery Channel tells us that it all started in July 1518, when Frau Troffea went out in a Strasbourg straitjacket of the Holy Roman Empire and began dancing frantically for the following days. By the end of the week, 34 others were dancing alongside her, and before the month expired, a motley crowd of 400 nomads were jumping frantically on the city streets.

Amidst the summer heat and sweat, exhaustion and dehydration, the dance would leave dozens of victims. A prominent historian and professor at Michigan State University, John Waller, argues in his related book “A Time to Dance: The Extraordinary Story of the Dancing Plague of 1518” that he found the explanation.

After confirming from the municipal records that several dozen deaths took place, citing medical reports, chronicles of the time, and official register records, he concluded that it was a case of mass hysteria, “a stress-induced psychosis.”

Having suffered the most from the famine that had struck Alsace and decapitated Strasbourg from hunger, the inhabitants were now suffering from diseases (smallpox and syphilis). Waller believes that these conditions caused ”a massive psychological disorder“, at a time when prejudices and superstitions reigned.

His theory is more plausible than the relatively predominant, that the inhabitants were infected by a hallucinogenic mushroom containing ergotamine, the natural analogue of LSD. This fungus, however, is extremely poisonous and would probably kill the population rather than make it dance to death …

Operation “giant squid” in the Pacific


The tracking and filming of the legendary giant squid Architeuthis dux is the goal of a research team that will sail to the Ogasawara Islands, 880 kilometers south of the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

The giant squid has never been found in an environment where it is only dead or shortly before it expires, washed away on a shore.

The female members of the species reach 14 meters in length and 270 kg in weight, while the males are half the size.

Researchers are aiming to uncover the life and habits of squid, which is essentially an unknown animal species.


The reason for this is the fact that Architeuthis dux prefers depths of 120 meters to 1,600 meters, much larger than those of common divers.

The team is comprised of Japan’s Maritime and Land Science and Technology Service (JAMSTEC), the Discovery Channel and the Japanese television network NHK and will sail on the 56-meter Alucia boat.

The Alucia carries three boats, one of which can reach a depth of 1000 meters with a crew and two passengers.

The giant squid is believed to have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, basketball size and visibility even at depths that do not reach the rays of the sun.

It carries eight tentacles and two larger ones, which he uses mainly to collect food, while his mouth is fitted with a pointed beak, just like his small relative.

So far we know little about how he finds his food, but also about his eating and reproductive habits.

The underwater drone for the sea lover and the fisherman

underwater drone 2

Who said drones are for air only? No one, of course, and this underwater robot is the proof of deception.

It can and does sink to a depth of 30 meters and records high-resolution 4K video, streamed directly to the mobile, which is also navigated.

And if that’s not enough, his sonar can detect fish even 40 meters away, which lures and brings him close to the hook with a blue light.

underwater drone

For those who haven’t been impressed yet, the company that created it, PowerVision, even offers artificial navigation capabilities, allowing us to steer it just by shaking our heads!

It’s called PowerRay, and it’s a waterproof underwater camera that finds, captures and captures fish or just gives us dives into places of immense beauty in both fresh and salty water.

Its price is admittedly lighter, as you will find it on the European market for between € 1,599-2,099 depending on the model, but the magic remains

The village of flowers


The secluded village of Zalipie in south-eastern Poland is known for a colorful tradition.

For over a century, women in the village have been painting their homes.

No one knows exactly when or how this tradition began, but it dates back several years, when women painted the markings on lime.

But these were still visible, and in order to make their homes “at the heart” of religious celebrations, they began to paint motifs with flowers.


To this day women (very few men in the custom) create their own floral patterns on the walls of houses and maintain those of previous years. Indeed, the paintings are no longer confined to the walls of houses, but to any other object they can paint.

When the tradition started, of course, women did not have the tools one can find today. They used brushes made with hair from the cows’ tails and colors made by themselves from natural materials. The contest of the “best painted house” (Malowana Chata) has been holding since 1948. It was established in the context of the psychological support of the people of the country after World War II, which lost 17% of its population.

Felicja Curyłowa (1904 – 1974) was the one who maintained and developed the tradition. She herself was overwhelmed by such a passion for “flower decorations” that she covered almost every surface of her small home, which is now a museum and a prime example of this folk art.


The train-plane that almost changed the fate of transport


George Benny wanted to revolutionize the way people were moving until then.

And so by 1920, inspecting an early engine of the era, he concluded that trains would be much more efficient if they left coal for the sake of propeller.

But why should rails be screwed into the ground, affecting the movement of cities? Of course it shouldn’t and that’s what made life worth doing!

Nine years later, he was ready to advertise with what he had and did not have in his pocket what he called Railplane (something like a “rail plane”) and even gave him his name (George Bennie Railplane). A series of electric motors gave life to his creation, which hung on raised rails. To brake even, the propellers would willingly turn direction and neither cat nor damage.

Suddenly Glasgow looked completely different. Although the length of the trajectory heading into the city sky was too short for high speeds, Benny estimated that his invention would run comfortably at 195 km / h, transporting passengers from Glasgow to Edinburgh in 20 minutes. Not bad considering that even today the train takes 50 minutes!


The inventor dreamed of expanding his underground network to London and beyond, why not to Paris? London-Glasgow would be a 3.5 hour journey, two hours faster than it is today.

And while he was a demon, he intended to build his Railplane infrastructure just above the existing rail network, reducing both costs and environmental impact. Even Benny promised luxury, as his wagons had carpets, adjustable chairs, curtains, and even window glass.

And where everything looked like perfect, came the catastrophe! The project never found the funding it needed to take off. The railway companies who feared that Beni’s invention was still effective in preventing it from being caught commercially had an important role to play. And in order to get them the job, they were ready to slander her wherever she goes, exhausting all their influence on propaganda.

By 1937, the inventor had spent every penny he had on the bank to promote his ambitious plan, going bankrupt somewhere along the way. And while the rails he had laid out were eventually sold for scrap metal, the roof on which Railplane was originally built remains lively to this day, with a commemorative plaque for the man who could have changed the way we travel.

The most expensive yacht in the world


Another Yacht island design company is still imaginative and extremely impressive, drawing inspiration from the Principality of Monaco.

British designers have already released the designs of a floating copy of Monaco, called Streets Of Monaco, which will include thumbnails of some of its most famous attractions, including the Monte Carlo track.

The luxury yacht is expected to cost the astronomical sum of 830 million euros, giving its future owner the satisfaction of owning the most expensive proprietary yacht in the world.

The floating state will be dominated by miniatures from the famed Monte Carlo casino, as well as the Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse and the Loews Hotel.

Swimming pools and tennis courts will complement the landscape, and there will be a platform to accommodate smaller boats should prospective owners need a more discreet means of transport to the ports they visit.

The highlight of the boat will undoubtedly be the imitation of the Monaco Grand Prix, with a fully equipped go-kart track on the deck.

For designers, the focal point of this incredible ship is the Atrium, a space that connects the upper to the lower level. The Atrium will have seven suites, all featuring a lounge, bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and balcony.

In total, the boat will be able to accommodate 16 guests and 70 crew members.

The billionaire owner will have his own personal apartment. 4,800 square feet, that is the size of a luxury penthouse.

The four-deck yachts will also have barbecue facilities on every corner of the deck, as well as a mini waterfall and cafe bar with underwater views.

Now that the design is complete, the only question left for Yacht island design is whether to find the billionaire who will make their dream come true.

Here’s how to quickly save valuable space on your mobile

turned on iphone x with yellow case

Few things are so annoying in our tech world that you can’t download that wonderful application that you just unleashed because of your mobile phone.

However, each problem has its solution, and that is exactly what we will see immediately.

Because you can save a few hundred megabytes or even a couple of giga in a few simple moves, without having to be the biggest hacker to ever step on Earth …

Get rid of all cached app data

If you look in the Apps storage setting and click on an application, you will notice that each program has its own cached data, ranging from a few kilobytes to hundreds of mega or even more.

You don’t need this stored data, so you can easily erase it and save valuable space. Just hit the Clear Cache option and leave the dirty work on your mobile. And if you want to erase them all at once, go to Settings> Storage> Cached data and click OK in the window. And goodbye …

Clear the Downloads folder

Like any PC or Mac, the Android device has a Downloads folder that goes for everything you download from the Internet, remaining a favorite hideaway for any rubbish that applications bring to their luggage. So open the folder and see what’s inside there.

Put them in order of magnitude to see what is eating the most space. If you see something you do not need, press and hold the file to select it and then directly to Trash.

apple applications apps cell phone

Get rid of the photos you’ve already backed up

You’re backing up your photos, right? With Google’s new photo application it’s easy to save your entire photo library in your Google email account. You have no excuse for not doing so.

So once you’ve secured your photos, throw away what you don’t need, like the 158 you took from last night’s concert. Open the Photos app and tap the three-line button in the upper left corner of the screen. Then select Free up device storage. The app will tell you how many photos can be deleted. Press OK and it’s past.

Manage your downloaded music intelligently

Google’s Play Music app gives us two options for storing music on our system. That is, you can manually select which purchased songs or albums will go down on your mobile or let the app make all the difficult decisions.

Whatever the case, the music fan will end up with infinite amount of music, let alone podcasts. So check how many mega or even giga has Play Music bound for tunes and podcasts (press the three-line button again and select Settings> Manage downloads) and discard what is no longer used…

gps on phone

Erase offline areas on Google Maps

Downloading a map to the latest version of Google Maps is a great way to navigate the city when your mobile is offline, only to have these maps come packaged with something bad about the topic we’re discussing: the space they occupy, which can to become disproportionately large. Depending on the size of the area, even an offline map can exceed 1 gigabyte!

So check how much space your offline maps occupy by pressing the three-line button in the top left corner of Google Maps again, and then select Offline. The space that binds each map is displayed under its name. Tap on the map and select Delete to see a lot of data returning to storage.

Dispose of applications you are not using

That app with the spirit level you downloaded to hang a frame has stopped being of any use. So what do you keep it for? Few things take up as much space as the forgotten applications you once used. Or none!

So turn off all these inactive apps for preview. Go to the Play Store, tap the magic three-line button again, and then select My apps & games. Select Installed from the menu, and list your applications in the Size list or, if not, based on Last Used, where the applications you use least frequently will appear at the bottom of the list. We all know the Uninstall option…

bokeh photography of person holding turned on iphone