Turkey: Voting day for 53 million people

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At the polls, 56,911,967 voters are currently coming to the municipal elections in Turkey. The whole range of candidates is 8,270. Of these, 30 mayors of metropolitan municipalities and 1,359 mayors will be elected for the subsequent 5 years. On 194,390 ballots set up, voters vote not only for mayors and municipal councils, but additionally for the respective martyrs who are elected in each regional.

Minister of internal affairs Suleyman Soylu stated that 53,099 Syrians who have taken Turkish citizenship will vote in this election.

The polls will open an hour earlier in eastern Turkey. From 7 o’clock the vote will begin in these cities and will stop at 4 pm while in the closing cities voters are invited to come from 8 am to 5 pm in the afternoon when the ballots will be closed.

According to the Electoral Council figures, 50.7% of the voters are ladies and 49.3% are men. In Istanbul, which has the majority of voters, 10,560,963 voters are called to vote. Twelve parties are involved in the elections. In most metropolitan municipalities and beyond, however, the parties come down with alliances.

The most essential are the ruling party with the Deputy Nationalist Party, Deputy Bahceli, and the alliance of the opposition, or the “People” alliance, which is made up of the Republican party and the “Iyi Party”, the new nationalist party of Meral Aksener which detached from Devlet Bahceli. This party had made its debut in the final parliamentary elections. In some cases, the alliance also consists of the Kurdish party, the Democratic Party of the People, informally informing the country that there has been strong criticism of Tayyip Erdogan to the Republican Party.

Thus, in most metropolitan municipalities, we have in actuality solely two candidates. This opposition alliance, according to polls, will cost the Tayyip Erdogan Party, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with Mansur Yawas, a candidate from the nationalist world. In Ismir, which is historically a bastion of the Republican Party, there is no expectation of a reversal, while in Constantinople, according to polls, it appears that in order to be in a position to keep the metropolitan municipality that has been earning since Mayor Erdogan’s own mayor, the strong candidate for the Justice and Development Party used to be one-way. The country’s last prime minister, Binali Yildirim, looks to be fighting a chest with a chest to secure the victory. The numbers of the polls show that they are close in power.

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The opposition in Istanbul appears ahead to the votes of Kurdish voters, something that has aggravated Tayyip Erdogan and made specific reference at Saturday to the final two primary pre-election gatherings in the city. The intense nationalist rhetoric chosen via the President of the country in the rather polarized pre-election period gave the Opposition the probability to approach Kurdish voters. It should be noted that in the last parliamentary and presidential elections, voters of the republican party in Istanbul consciously voted for the Kurdish party to pass the electoral threshold and enter the House. Whether this informal alliance will be paid off in these municipal elections in favor of the Republican party’s candidate for the Metropolitan City of the City will be shown through the count number of votes on Sunday night.

Similarly, high expectations from the time of overseers in the Municipalities of Southeastern Turkey have the ruling party, as these appointed mayors, with efficient use of state funds, did infrastructure projects with the help of the government. The polls will additionally reflect the impact of this period on the voters in those regions, which are mostly of Kurdish origin.

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The whole election marketing campaign was conducted more in a parliamentary than a municipal election. President Tayyip Erdogan has made 102 main election gatherings in 50 days.

Election bans on publications and propaganda formally began at 18:00 on Saturday afternoon and will end at 21:00 on Sunday night time as happens in every elections in Turkey. The first outcomes are transmitted by lifting the bans, which is typically the choice of the Supreme Electoral Council normallyat 19:00 in the afternoon of the elections, after the count has begun. With the exception of the municipalities that may be struggling chest chest, in most cases shortly after 10 pm clear the outcomes of the election.

Submersion of snøhetta’s underwater restaurant in Norway

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Underscoring the subtle ecological balance between land and sea, ‘under’ breaks the floor of the water to stay directly on the seabed 5 meters below. it is half-sunken into the sea and positioned at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline.

The restaurant is housed in 1/2 a meter-thick concrete walls and is constructed to stand up to pressure and shock from the rugged sea conditions. It is additionally designed to completely integrate into its marine environment over time, as the roughness of the concrete shell will work as an artificial reef, welcoming limpets and kelp to inhabit it. snøhetta built the restaurant on a barge 20 meters from its ultimate site over the direction of six months, before it was maneuvered and sunk in July 2018.

Offering respite from the severe weather conditions the surrounding location is known for, visitors are ushered into an oasis of calm with interiors inspired with natural phenomena. An oak-clad lobby is the prelude to rich interiors that work as a metaphor for the experience from land to sea. moreover, textile ceiling panels reference the shades of a sunset dropping into the ocean.


Under’s culinary focus is to create a fine dining experience primarily based on high quality, locally-sourced produce, with a unique emphasis on sustainable natural world capture. to do that danish expatriate Nicolai Ellitsgaard from acclaimed restaurant måltid in kristiansand has been recruited as the head chef, bringing an international, 16-person kitchen crew with experience from top michelin restaurants.

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, snøhetta founder and architect, explains: “Under is a natural progression of our experimentation with boundaries, as a new landmark for southern Norway, under proposes unexpected combinations of pronouns and prepositions, and challenges what determines a person’s physical placement in their environment. In this building, you may find yourself under water, over the seabed, between land and sea. this will offer you new perspectives and ways of seeing the world, both beyond and beneath the waterline”.

In the hands of the German police ten suspects of terrorist assaults

auto automobile blur buildingsGerman police arrested ten people suspected of planning large-scale assaultson weapons and explosives at sunrise raids, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said.

Police investigations took place in the Länder of West Germany, North Rhine Westphalia and Baden Württemberg.

One of ten suspected Islamists is a Tajik citizen, however the authorities have given little publicity to suspects, as stated by the AMP.

BR public broadcaster later mentioned that the ten have been released, however investigations are continuing.

Prosecutors stated the suspects have been arrested due to the fact they planned “a serious crime that would endanger the country.”

The local media stated that the arrested have been supporters of the Islamic State.

Germany has received quite a few attacks with the aid of armed Islamists in latest years, among them the 2016 assault on a Christmas market in Berlin from which 12 people had been killed.

Authorities throughout Europe are being vigilant for assaults by extremist extremists following the latest assault with 50 deaths in a New Zealand mosque.

Samsung invests in 5G and artificial intelligence

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In Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G technology Samsung Electronics invests two new dimensions for its increase in order to overcome the enterprisechallenges it faces.

Kim Ki-Nam, Vice President and Executive Director of Samsung, made the above observation at the annual shareholders’ conference, according to a enterprise announcement.

As difficult business conditions continue this year, Samsung plans to movetowards fundamental innovation actions across all of the company’s management,” he said.

At the same time, according to Xinhua, he defined that the organization “will intensely develop” AI and 5G technologies in its new commercial enterpriseformat in order to attain a considerable and fast increase of the stated sectors in a brief time.

Marcello’s changed, he wants to continue in Real


Marcello with Santiago Solari on the bench have been with one leg at the exit of Real Madrid, even telling the administration his wish to go away at summer time with a very probable destination for him to be Juventus.

However, Solari’s dismissal combined with Zidan’s return to the bench has made Marcello alter his attitude. The Brazilian ace with Zidane feels like before, with the French superstar telling him how essential he is for his plans.

This is at least supported via the AS newspaper, which emphasizes that the contacts between the two will possibly lead to the Brazilian Ace’s remain in Real, with which he has a contract till summer season of 2022.

Genderless Voice Assistant: Q


Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 2.33.25 PM.pngThe advertising agency Virtue Nordic collaborated with the Copenhagen Pride and drew attention to the technology dimension of the business by developing a digital voice called Q for those who prefer to give a genderless voice to the voice assistants.

By default, female voice is accessible for voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Users can select the male voice if they want. Amazon’s Alexa doesn’t have that option yet. Julie Carpenter, a researcher at the State University of California, who advises Virtue Nordic and the mission of Copenhagen Pride, claims that the voice gender preferences alternate according to the users’ intended use. According to Carpenter, some customers opt for the voice of female with a prejudice that they are more supportive or more willing to help in the artificial intelligence assistant. Some select the male voice, which is more professional and reliable, according to them. These preferences surely mirror the sexist patterns in the minds.

hacker screenAccording to Julie Carpenter, Q is aiming to question who is designing gender in technology. What these selections are primarily based on; it additionally discusses how a technology primarily based on cultural prejudices will meet expectations about intelligence and credibility.

According to Carpenter, Q, an essential step in actual innovation, encourages people to look critically at these cultural prejudices and belief systems. Developers of the Q, worked with a team of 22 transgender people recording human voices that did now not match with the classification of men or women. Then, with the use of sound modulation software, they moved the records to a gender-neutral range. The sound samples had been examined with over than 4,600 people. The participants were asked to determine whether the voice they would hear used to be male or female. The researchers continued to edit sounds digitally primarily based on the participants’ solutions till they could create a totally genderless sound. The team hopes to be able to structure a framework for artificial intelligence with Q, so that genderless sound can be used in digital assistant technologies.


How psychotic episodes are linked to young adults and air pollution

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Psychotic episodes, such as listening to non-existent voices or paranoid thoughts, are extra frequent amongst young adults residing in cities with excessive air pollution than their friends residing in rural areas, according to a new British scientific survey , the first to make this correlation, though no organic mechanism has been observed that links air pollution with the signs and symptoms of psychosis with certainty.

Other latest research have correlated atmospheric air pollution levels with the threat of stroke and dementia in the elderly. The new study provides to thosethat exhibit that atmospheric air pollution can burden the physical, finallyleading to mental health problems.

Scientists at London’s King’s College, led by Dr. Joan Newbery, of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, who published the ebook in the American Psychiatric Journal “JAMA Psychiatry”, according to the BBC and New Scientist, analyzed records for 2,232 young people aged 12 to 18 years old, as stated with the aid of AMPA.

adult alone black and white darkThe study categorised younger humans into three classes relying on their residence in urban, semi-urban or rural areas. Nearly one-third of young adultshad stated at least one psychotic episode, such as questioning that someone is spying on them systematically or listening to voices no one else can hear. Scientists have linked the incidence of psychotic episodes to the degree of air pollution at their location of residence over a year.

It has been found, according to AMPA, that the larger the air pollution, which used to be in city areas, the greater in all likelihood it used to be to diagnose a teen that he had an episode of psychosis, and that regardless of differentfactors, such as the family records of mental illness, social exclusion and the use of drugs and alcohol.

For example, children uncovered to the best possible degrees of nitrogen oxides, in most cases produced with the aid of diesel vehicles, had an average72% increased risk of creating psychotic episodes than those who had the lowest exposure. Those exposed to the highest degrees of microscopic pollutants had a 45% higher threat of a psychotic episode.

Dr. Newbery stated that even though the study can now not show that pollution is certainly the reason of psychosis episodes, “the findings show that air pollution can contribute to the relationship between urban life and psychotic episodes.”

architecture buildings business cityThe microparticles of the pollution can, in addition to the lungs, penetrate viathe bloodstream and reach the brain, where they in all likelihood set offpersistent infection and ultimately some mental disorder. A comparablealternative rationalization is that the chemical compounds of the tiny particles of air pollution dissolve in the blood and end up in the brain, wherethey once more lead to extended inflammation.

Another simple interpretation is that no longer chemical pollution, but the noise from the bustling city, and particularly from automobiles on busy streets, disturbs the teens’ sleep and increases their stress. The teen brain is extra sophisticated and therefore more susceptible to exterior stimuli.

Psychotic episodes are a milder form of the issues of those who developillnesses such as schizophrenia. Teenagers experiencing such episodes at some point, it is more probable – however certainly no longer essential – to experience a greater serious mental disease later in life. In any case, ordinary and long-term psychoses are uncommon and the researchers have reassured parents that the incidence of a psychotic episode in puberty (something that can be triggered with the aid of traumatic experience, stress or substance abuse) does not suggest that the young person will later develop psychosis.

“Britain and the EU are stumbling to a bad Brexit”

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The new rejection with the aid of the House of Commons of the Retirement Agreement concluded with the aid of Britain and the European Union leads to chaos, warned yesterday Friday the head of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), Erik Schweitzer.

“Chaos is now absolute,” stated Schaitzer. “This means that the UK and Europe are now plunging into an uncoordinated UK retirement from the EU,” he added.

All businesses ought to urgently prepare for this scenario, he pointed out.

“In just a few days, we are threatening to face a lot of bureaucracy linked to Brexit and the demolition of supply chains involving the UK,” Schweizer explained, echoing the warnings of many different enterprise and exchangeplayers in Europe, the latter months.

“In addition, German companies will face tens of millions of customs procedures and billions of euros for customs duties on an annual basis,” he added.

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Especially the car companies, primarily based on materials of spare components and spare components from one country to another, are deeply worried about the prospect of so-called “hard” Brexit as Airbus, components of whose aircraft, such as wings, are manufactured in the UK.

DIHK represents 79 German Chambers of Industry and Commerce. It is placed in Berlin and Brussels.

Strict regulations on Facebook advertisements in advance of the 2019 European elections

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Facebook announced it would impose restrictions on advertisements earlier than the European elections in an strive to block foreign involvement.

“To prevent abuse and interference, all advertisers in the EU should be licensed in their own country to publish advertisements about the European Parliament elections,” stated Facebook’s supervisor Richard Allen in a blog publish late yesterday the evening.

This excellent social media tool hopes that extra identification and region controls will act as a “real barrier for everyone outside of a country who believes we will use our advertisements to get concerned in an electoral process,” Allen noted.

camera event live settingsSimilar measures have entered into force in latest months for the elections in Indonesia and Canada. The European elections will be held from 23 to 26 May.

These restrictions practice to the content of election campaigns with the aid of political or political parties, as well as to commercials aimed at encouraging or discouraging voters from voting.

The new regulations additionally aim to promote transparency as they require any advertiser to promote political content material to reveal its identification so that users can get entry to this data through clicking on the entry: “Paid registration from”.

The information from such commercials will be saved in a 7-year-accessible online library.

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Allen admitted that these regulations can also not be ample to absolutely cast off the opportunity of a manipulative content according to the RES-EIA.

“We are confronted with smart, creative and well-funded opponents who are changing their tactics when we find abuse,” he noted.

Facebook is under strain to enhance transparency and controls on its platform in the wake of Russian propaganda aimed at influencing the voters in the US presidential elections in 2016.